lighting in your workplace, Why should you install LED lighting in your workplace?
lighting in your workplace, Why should you install LED lighting in your workplace?

Why should you install LED lighting in your workplace?

Did you know that Canadians spend on average more time indoors than people in other countries? Most of this time is spent at the workplace. This is why the type of lighting used in offices and workspaces have a great impact on productivity and efficiency of employees. It is therefore important for employers to consider lighting options that maximize visibility and reduce stress. A simple change can make all the difference for employers and employees.

Replacing obsolete fluorescent lights with modern light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in the office can really help everyone that works in a building.

Here are all the advantages of installing LED lighting in an office.

LED lighting improves employee well-being

Studies have shown that hard and inadequate lighting reduces daily productivity. Choosing LED lamps that mimic natural light and have a higher color rendering index creates an ideal working environment.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lamps do not make noise, even after being used for years. Most incandescent lamps usually produce a buzzing sound caused by power change or fluctuations. In the workplace, the purring and hard sound can disrupt employees’ concentration and thus have an influence on the quality of their work.

The installation of LED lamps in your office will bring less disruption and will also provide adequate lighting in the workplace. Employees’ productivity is therefore improved.

Installing LED lights increases the level of safety in the workplace

LED lighting also allows you to create a safer environment. Since LEDs do not need time to warm up and light up, and do not flicker when lit, employees have a constant and reliable light source to ensure efficiency and safety during the workday.

Save money by opting for LED lighting

With a longer operating life, LED lighting products do not need to be replaced frequently, so it is a low-maintenance lighting system.

With rising energy costs around the world, LED lights are a bargain for corporate offices. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or lamps, LEDs save about 70% of energy, resulting in substantial savings in the long term. In offices or workplaces where lighting is needed 24 hours a day, LED lights offer even greater benefits.

In addition, unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lamps have a low operating temperature and therefore do not generate as much heat as their counterparts. The heat generated by lighting adds up and influences the temperature in offices.

Since traditional lighting generates heat, it often causes air conditioners to work harder, which encourages them to consume more energy. LED lighting products control this waste and also reduce electricity bills.

It can therefore be concluded that the installation of LEDs cuts down your energy consumption. This end up in significant cost savings, which reduces overhead costs for employers seeking additional income.

As you can see, LED lighting is a smart choice of lighting for any offices. If you want to know all possible solutions of LED lighting in your premises, contact the Borealux team. Experts in unique and tailor-made commercial lighting solutions.

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