LED lights, Why choose LED lights for your home?

Why choose LED lights for your home?

LED lights are used more frequently than ever before. Did you know that this type of lighting could represent up to 75% of the residential lighting market before 2020?
Whether it is for a new home or after renovations, choosing LED lighting for your home can make a big difference on your electricity bill at the end of the month. Read our article to discover all the benefits that type of light can offer.

The history of LED

The light emitting diode, also called LED (LED in English) was invented in the 1920s. Unlike any conventional light bulbs, the light emitting diode is a so-called “electronic” component able to produce light without producing excessive heat when a light electric current goes through it. The first LEDs sold only produced red, to then produce green, and at last, yellow. It was not until the 90s that the white diode appeared. Nowadays, there are LEDs of all colors!

An economical lighting choice

The main advantage of LED lights is its energy efficiency! Indeed, installing LED products can save you up to 90% of your energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs for equivalent lighting. In addition, the lifespan of LED lights is much longer than other technologies. With a minimum warranty of three years, you have the peace of mind for a long time.

A very versatile lighting solution

You can find LEDs as replacement light bulbs for fixtures or integrated in fixtures. Whether you employ it for ambient or directional lighting, indoor or outdoor, LEDs come in many forms for different uses. You can create an infinity of moods just by choosing different LED lighting layouts. It is even possible to create your own LED lighting! At Borealux, we create custom-made LED lighting for all of your projects!

Why choose Borealux LED products?

For a successful lighting project, choose high quality LED products. Being LED lighting designers for more than ten years, Borealux offers you a wide range of lighting and accessories. Each product has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and has a 5 year limited warranty. Contact us now !



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