Mounting plate for LED recessed light LS-ENC-PLAQUE-100MM-120MM


Why do we like it?

Mounting plate for recessed lighting. Convenient and easy to install, it can be used anywhere you need it – indoors and out. This plate is ideal for installing LED recessed lights in new construction or renovations.

The advantages of our mounting plate:

Robust metal construction
Has alignment notches for easier installation
Compatible with the following products: LS-459, GIMBALL


Spec sheet


It’s easy to install your round recessed lights with our LS-Plaque mounting plate. Indeed, it includes alignment notches and markers needed to help you during installation. It is also compatible with our LS-459 and Gimball lights.

  • Model: LS-Plaque
  • Input: none
  • Battery required: none
  • Dimensions : 6 * 7.5 po
  • Color : Aluminium
  • Matérial : Métal
  • Certifications : In accord with certifications in effect in Canada and the USA
  • Quantity : 1 per box