LS-2000 RGB Ambience projector 120V


Why do we like it?

Our great RGB (color) projector to schedule according your choice. It’s perfectly adapted to create an architectural decoration with his capacity to light cover up to 35 feet in height. Particularly advantageous concerning the power consumption!

Here are the advantages of LS-2000

Powerful homogeneous light beam
Many mounting options
Use household voltage
Comes with sealed electrical jumpers


Spec sheet

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LED projectors are a powerful alternative to halogen or sodium lamps. They are the perfect solution for lighting billboards, building faced and for numerous domestic/ commercial applications. Outside LED lighting is designed to reduce energy consumption by 2/3, have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, is manufactured with materials and finishes that prolong its lifespan. These high-performance exterior lamps offer superior heat management and alternate lighting ensuring superior performance and quality.

  • Model: LS-2000
  • Input: 100V - 240V AC
  • Power: 60W
  • CCT / Channels: RGB 3 channels
  • Control protocol: USITT DMX512
  • Available lenses: 15°/30°/ 45°/ 20x60°
  • Dimensions: see figure
  • Compliance: complies to applicable canadian and american codes and standards, IP65