Recessed 12V-3W, 60mm square | LS-ENC-12V-S-GIMB-60MM



Why do we like it?

Round or square, it’s so nice for to accentuate an object or a specific place like a frame because is dirigible. In this way, the light goes exactly where you want.

Here are the advantages of LS-ENC-12V-S-GIMB-60MM

Tunable head
Single source
Also available in two or three heads configurations


Spec sheet

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With his large square collar, this luminaire stands apart. It features a tunable head to highlight desired items or to make a perfect illumination of long surfaces with a few luminaires.

  • Model: LS-ENC-12V-S-GIMB-60MM
  • Input: 12V DC
  • Power: 3W
  • CCT / Channels: warm white (3000K) or cool white (5000K) / 1 channel
  • Dimmable: yes, with a 12V dimmer
  • Finish: silver
  • Dimensions: see figure
  • Light output: 120lm (3000K) / 140lm (5000K)
  • Beam angle: 45°
  • Cutout hole: 51mm
  • Compliance: complies to applicable canadian and american codes and standards