Our website got a facelift!

The entire LSAV / Borealux team is proud to present its new website. As a manufacturer specialized in LED lighting products, our main goal has always been to provide great accessibility to our products and services. Keeping in mind our corporate mission, we have designed a web platform for all our clients: entrepreneurs and individuals.

The previous version of the website only had an online store that was functional and practical but lacked user-friendliness. We have completely redesigned the concept of the website so that visitors are able to:

  • discover the company and learn about its latest news;
  • learn about the latest trends in the lighting industry;
  • find all the necessary information about the products;
  • make their purchases easily and safely.

Another important improvement is that the website will now adapt to all electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers, regardless of the size of the screen. For visitors, the browsing experience will be enjoyable regardless of the device used.

Enjoy visiting our website and thank you for your interest in our company and our products!



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