Our LEDs types

Quality / Price

LED strips in this category have a great price-quality ratio. They’re versatile and flexible while being efficient. These LED strips will produce a diffused light that will ensure better visibility. For residential use, this type of light is ideal for complementing the existing lighting system. We suggest installing this type of strip under the cupboards in your kitchen or behind your furniture to enhance the look of the room. For commercial use, this type of strip is often used for setting up a backlight system for signs, for instance. In other words, if you need to create a bright atmosphere with indirect lighting, opt for the LED strips!

High density

With high-density LED strips, the decoration possibilities are endless! You can use this type of strip to transform the mood of your space. Dare to put them in your room: they’re flexible enough to create different combinations of rectilinear shapes. The lighting is homogeneous and allows good visibility. In a professional context, LED strips make perfect luminous signatures.

High power

Brighten your space by opting for high-power LED strips. Among all our products, it’s these LED strips that will bring you the most light. For general lighting or projection lighting, the ribbons provide a uniform and constant light that is ideal. This type of strips can be used in indoor and outdoor conditions as well.


The colours will help give personality to your room. Coloured LED strips offer an interesting alternative to painting. They’re indeed very versatile, extremely easy to install, and available in many colours. This type of lighting is especially ideal for decorating a space. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, we have a vast choice of LED ribbons that will allow you to realize all your projects.