Outdoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting: light up your summer nights!

LED outdoor lighting: light up your summer nights!

After a long and rigorous winter, we prepare our outdoor space once again for the summer: landscaping, cleaning of the pool, installation of outdoor furniture. Did you think about outdoor lights? Far too often, residential outdoor lighting is neglected. Still, quality lighting can make a big difference outside your home.

Outdoor lighting is useful

The first function of outdoor lighting is practicality: it allows you to find your way in the night. This type of lighting should be in place all year round. We advise you to install lights along a path, an alley or above your parking spot. In addition to allowing you to navigate in the dark, your lighting also protects you against potential intruders! For this type of lighting, a waterproof and weatherproof LED floodlight is the best option.

Create atmospheres according to the theme of your evenings

You can actually create so many different moods for your summer evenings with your lighting layout. Impress your guests with colorful light shows with one or more ambience projectors that you can program with the color of your choosing. These fixtures enhance your space and also allow you to stay outside all night if you wish. You can enjoy the beautiful weather as long as possible!

Improve your landscape

Ultimately, lighting is a decoration element that must be integrated into your landscaping harmoniously. Try to install small spotlights at the foot of plants or trees for instance. The effects of shadows and lights transform your garden and the architecture of your home at dusk to make room for a new enchanting setting.

Why choose LED outdoor lighting in particular?

LED lights are extremely resistant to most weather conditions and consume very little energy. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs attract less insects such as mosquitoes as they do not produce heat. With a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, choosing an outdoor LED light ensures peace of mind for a long time!

To install quality outdoor lighting, shop for high quality LED projectors and accessories at Borealux. Each product has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and has a 5 year limited warranty. Contact us today!



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