LED Lighting Manufacturer

Borealux offers you a wide range of high-tech, high-quality LED lighting products - for both individual and business users. Our LED strips are made in our factory in Quebec, Canada.

Customize the product according to your needs

Boréalux LED strips offer you great flexibility to let your imagination run wild in your designs

You can customize:

  • The length of the LED strip
  • The number of LEDs per foot
  • The temperature (2700 K to 5000 K)
  • The color (RGBW or unique shade of your choice)
  • The brightness and lighting power

Why choose Borealux LED strips?

A product of the highest quality, entirely made in Québec

Customizable configuration, for solutions adapted to your needs

Unbeatable manufacturing and delivery times in the market

Custom assembly, ready to install for your convenience

Very competitive price, without compromising on quality

Our Projects

About Us

Borealux by LSAV inc.

We are led lights specialists

Borealux by LSAV inc. is a lighting products manufacturer, specialized in LED technology. Established in 2008, we are a major player on the LED lights market, distinguishing ourselves as professionals with quality products. We are passionate about innovation, customer satisfaction and custom-tailored projects.

LSAV inc. is your LED lighting specialist! Our trademark, Borealux, is inspired by the magic of auroras borealis (Northern Lights), a remarkable North American phenomenon and the LUX (measure of illuminance). It exemplifies perfectly our vast range of top-quality high tech LED lighting products.