led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

10 LED strips ideas

10 LED strips ideas

An LED strip (or LED ribbon) is a printed circuit board. There are many kinds with different sizes, different colors.

LED strips are exceptional products! They are inexpensive, easy to install, durable and above all very versatile. In this article, here are ten ideas for using LED ribbons. With these products, you can let your imagination run wild. If you have other ideas, please submit them ! We will add them to this article.

1- As wall recessed

Place your ribbon in the hollow part of the wall. This type of lighting gives a soft and diffused atmosphere to your space. It can be used in your home but also in an office or in a commercial space. This type of indirect lighting is a perfect complement to the decoration of a room. So we need to opt for the quality-price LED strips that are perfectly suited to this use.

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

2 – In your wardrobe

Difficult to choose clothes in the darkness of the morning! Ribbons are a convenient option to highlight all your possessions. In this situation, the LED strips can be mounted or glued on the surface of the wall. The light will be more lively and direct. It will be advisable to use high-power LED strips in order to have a uniform and constant light.

3 – In the stairs

Whether it is wood, metal or concrete, your staircase will look bigger and more imposing if it is well lit. When you install LED light strips, you will gain depth and width to your steps, so it will be safer to trap them. The quality / price LED strips chosen in white hot or will be in the stairs or behind the ramp.

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

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4 – Behind your TV screens

The backlighting of your TV screens is a great way to add style to your TV and your room in general. LED light strips are flexible and safe. So you can easily install on the back of your TV without worrying about future interference. This is a great way to create aesthetic lighting, especially when your TV is off.

5 – As a festive decoration

Birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day … All occasions are good to decorate your indoor or outdoor space! You just have to play several times in color and with little suction to transform your pieces and put people in a festive atmosphere. Plus your ribbons are easy to use and can be removed and reused for years. LED light strips are perfect for decorating the fireplace, walls, ceilings, doors and even the roof!

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

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6 – In your outdoor area

Did you know that light ribbons are weather resistant? You can enjoy your outdoor space as long as possible by installing LED ribbons on your patio or terrace. It is a good economical and ecological solution thanks to LED technology.

7 – At work

No matter what type of work you’re doing, it’s important to have access to a light source to see what you’re doing clearly. The light strips can easily be installed wherever it is needed: on the ceiling of offices or in a factory. They will allow you enough lighting. High power LED strips are the best choice. They each have a uniform and constant light.

8 – As commercial lighting

In retail, there is a multitude of opportunities to highlight its products. When you think about the decorative layout of the store including the windows and shelves, one of the main rules is to have excellent lighting. So you have to show the products for sale in the best possible light. LED light ribbons are a very good solution because they can easily fit into your decor. Often used on commercial shelves, you can also be creative with the use of ribbons in your business.

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

Photo : a project with Borealux product


9 – On stage

Stage lighting must be part of every performance. Since it is an official event, a fashion show, a play or a concert, stage lighting plays an important role in its success. LED light strips are a great way to light scenes because they are versatile and can work for hours without consuming a lot of energy. They are flexible enough to illuminate places that traditional lights simply can not.

You can use diffused LED light strips to back-light screens and podiums. RGB and LED light neon lights can be used to highlight key areas of the scene’s light strip.

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

Photo : a project from our partner Tekled 

10 – In a bar or a coffee shop

To create an atmosphere, nothing better than lighting. LED strips are ideal for mood lighting because you can easily change the color and temperature of your light. In this way, it’s easy to change the mood whenever you want. In addition, the light strips are easy to install and take up very little space.

led strips, 10 LED strips ideas

Which LED strips to choose?

Visit now our LED ribbons page to know the different types of ribbons available and their specificities.



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